Das Was Ist

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Das Was Ist


Das Was Ist is a unisex perfume by Seoul-based lifestyle brand United Space of Solution. The dark, black-veined scent nestled in the lush undergrowth of Chiang Mai highlands, traversed by creeping vines. Notes of Cypress mingle with notes of Turpentine wood and Cedarwood. A shadow of thyme hides under the green, invigorating smell of treemoss over granite, kissed by the rain, and comes to warm up next to the open fire with pine. The pouch comes with custom stickers, so you can make your own DIY case using the stickers. Life fragrance is designed to be used both body and space.

Top note: Camphor Wood, Cypress, Turpentine Wood

Mid note: Cedarwood, Georgywood, Pine, Thyme

Base note: Vetiver, Treemoss, Incense


75ml. 2.5 fl.oz

Made in Korea

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