Apartamento: The House of Xavier Corberó

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Apartamento: The House of Xavier Corberó


Stepping inside the home, office, and studio space of Spanish artist and sculptor Xavier Corbero (1935–2017) feels like entering a surreal maze. At the heart of it, you’ll find a sculptural six-story atrium pierced with arches that allow light to flow into its core and into the rooms beyond. The dancing light creates ever-changing patterns as the sun moves across the sky while at the very top, plants that dangle into the void. The House of Xavier Corberó, edited by his daughter Ana Corberó, is the first publication to explore this home in Esplugues de Llobregat, which soon looks to be sold. With original photography by Daniel Riera, it also features a series of texts by long-time friends and colleagues of the artist: the architects Ricardo Bofill and Josep Acebillo, program director at World Architecture Festival Paul Finch, artist and journalist Celia Lyttelton, RBTA director Pablo Bofill, as well as an interview with Corberó himself by the filmmaker Albert Moya, originally published in issue #16 of Apartamento magazine.



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