About Us

Tadaima is a Copenhagen-based webshop and design universe founded in 2020. After careers in the creative industry, founders Hanne and Josefine Berzant, partnered to create a platform for genuine and meaningful craft. All items are created by makers with a rich variety of expertise, including ceramic, glassware, textiles, fragrances and artwork. Our webshop presents thoughtful additions to the considered home — an edit of beautiful objects to enjoy every day.

The meaning of the Japanese word Tadaima is 'I just came home', where a possible connotation of home is a place of warmth, comfort, and affection. Focusing on craftsmanship, authentic materials and unique details, we bring together carefully curated products from established and emerging designers. Tadaima's timeless, modernist aesthetic and featured design items are also placed in context through the inspiring editorial features of the Tadaima Journal.


Our Philosophy

We believe it is important to operate with a sustainable focus in mind. Whether it is to buy timeless, durable designs you will cherish forever – beyond any fleeting trend. Making sure that a brand is transparent when it comes to where they sources their materials, what they're made from and how sustainable their production process is. Or preserving and promoting cultural and artistic traditions, such as various techniques and skills of traditional crafts are transmitted from generation to generation. By commissioning from us and our makers, you help to preserve and grow craft objects - encouraging artisans to continue to produce craft and to pass their skills and knowledge onto others, particularly within their own communities.